Open Call
2019 Sessions


You are advancing the culture of audio, and we want you at On Air Fest. This year we’re excited to invite the community to pitch us unique programming sessions to take the stage at On Air Fest 2019. What conversations need to be in the room? What sounds must be heard? Whose perspective is missing from the landscape… or could change the landscape entirely?

We want to hear your ideas and help bring them into being. Accepting applications through Wednesday, November 7th at midnight.

Accepted sessions receive:

Showcase at On Air Fest
Festival pass
Access to networking
Production support from the On Air Fest team
Promotion of your event and involvement in our festival marketing
Content capture including photo and audio
Access to our VIP green room

How to apply:

This year we are accepting session pitches along two tracks: Stage Sessions and Experiential Sessions. Details on both can be found in our FAQ. Submit to either track by filling out the form below by Wednesday November 7th at midnight ET.

The ideas that rise to the top are ones which we can really taste. Flex your inner storyteller and help us envision how this session would take shape in the room. Whatever your pitch may be, please take into consideration both the tone and the audience of On Air Fest which you can also read about in our FAQ. For further inspiration, check out our 2018 programming.

Accepting submissions through Wednesday, November 7th at midnight ET.


What session formats do you accept?

We welcome ideas at any scale, from the ambitious performance to the simple (yet mighty) two way interview conversation. Here are some examples of session formats that shine at On Air Fest:

Live podcasts
Inspired dialogues that touch on craft, process and the creative journey
Music performances interwoven with storytelling
Immersive sound experiments
Panels that bring together creative minds from different backgrounds

What is a Stage Session?

Stage Sessions are 45 minutes long and take place in front of a live audience. Please note if you’re pitching a panel, it may include up to four speakers and one host, though oftentimes we find richer conversations stem from fewer voices on stage.

Best for: creative dialogues, presentations, panels, live podcast tapings, performances of new work, playing songs and breaking down the lyrics etc.

What is an Experiential Session?

Experiential Sessions test the boundaries of sound and shake up what can happen at an audio festival. We welcome ideas that would dramatically exceed or undercut a 45 minute Stage Session and are particularly attracted to applications that would take advantage of the other spaces within Wythe Hotel.

Best for: music performances, poetry readings, durational audio experiments, workshops, screenings, installations, a pirate radio station etc.

Who is the audience?

On Air Fest is attended by multi-hyphenate creators, about half of whom work in podcasts and radio or affiliate fields (documentary, journalism, storytelling, music). Many attendees are also podcast-curious independents, as well as brands and media companies interested in learning how to activate in audio.

What is the tone?

On Air Fest is a cultural event inspired by the art of sound. Because our audience is hyper diverse, sessions that resonate in the room touch on universal themes relevant to the creative community. We’re excited about the creative process and journey; what drives you to make something meaningful. This is not the space for formal powerpoints or business pitches.

Can I submit more than one session idea?

Go for it.

Can I nominate someone else’s project for inclusion in On Air Fest?

Point them to this form. Filling it out is the only sure way we’ll receive a session pitch. If you don’t know them personally but think their work would be a great fit for the festival, send an email with a link to their work and contact information to

When will I know if my session has been accepted?

We’ll begin notifying applicants about their session status in mid November.

Where can I send my lingering questions?

You can always email us at