Abuse of Power, An Autopsy of Injustices in America

In the era of true crime podcasts, listeners are hungry to hear real, human stories. Enter Sonya Pfeiffer and David Rudolf, criminal defense lawyers and hosts of the forthcoming show “Abuse of Power.” In this conversation presented by Acast, Sonya and David will sit down with collaborator Ross Dinerstein – CEO of Campfire, producer of the new podcast, and John White Producer of Season 2 of Conviction: American Panic – to talk about what it takes to craft thoughtful audio stories that shine a spotlight on the abuses of the criminal justice system.

David Rudolf and Sonya Pfeiffer are a passionate husband and wife duo who have both dedicated their lives to combating abuses by law enforcement, civil rights violations and wrongful convictions. David faced these issues head-on as the lead attorney in the acclaimed series “The Staircase,” while Sonya spent years as an award-winning journalist before becoming a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer. Each episode of the “Abuse of Power” podcast will cover a new case in which misconduct within the system resulted in a significant injustice, such as a wrongful prosecution or conviction. The show will feature exclusive interviews with those directly involved in each case, including defendants, lawyers, experts and family members. From cases of murder to money laundering, the podcast will provide a definite point of view: those in positions of power in the criminal justice system too often abuse that power in various ways and ignore the rule of law.

This conversation will be moderated by John White, a reporter and producer at Gimlet/Spotify. He was a co-host and producer on the critically acclaimed series, Crimetown Season 2, and is currently a producer on Season 2 of Conviction: American Panic.

Friday Mar 6
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