Avery Trufelman & Sayre Quevedo: In Conversation

In this conversation between two breakthrough audio producers, hear Avery Trufelman interviewed by Sayre Quevedo about her creative process and upcoming projects.

Avery Trufelman is a staff producer for the design podcast 99% Invisible and host of Articles of Interest, a podcast about fashion and clothing.

Sayre Quevedo is an artist and journalist. He works across mediums to tell stories about intimacy, identity, and human relationships. Quevedo was the Fall 2019 Podcaster-in-Residence for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and works for The Daily at The New York Times.

Sunday Mar 8
Adobe Suite 705
Session Type: Conversation

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Avery Trufelman:

Producer, 99% Invisible and Host, Articles of Interest

Sayre Quevedo:

Artist and Journalist