Disco Tehran Vinyl Party

Join Mani Nilchiani and Arya Ghavamian of Disco Tehran as they spin an eclectic mix of vinyl records and talk about the cross-cultural impact of global music in New York City with guests Reem Abdou, the Founder of Collective BAE, and Charlotte von Kotze, Brooklyn English.

Disco Tehran is a funky, dreamboat discothéque with live shows by local and international bands, connecting New York to the era of 1970s cosmopolitan venues in Tehran. Each Disco Tehran party explores groovy household throwbacks and rare music from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Session Info:

March 3, 2019
Simplecast Lounge
Session Type: Performance


Mani Nilchiani:

Co-founder, Disco Tehran
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Arya Ghavamian:

Founder, Disco Tehran
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Reem Abdou:

Founder, Collective BAE
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Charlotte Von Kotze:

Brooklyn English
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