Documenting the Nameplate

Join us for a rare conversation and presentation on Documenting the Nameplate, a cultural archival project from Marcel Rosa-Salas and Isabel Flower. Their collaborative project aims to foreground plurality and nonlinear history-making, celebrating nameplate jewelry and its myriad styles and cultural traditions. By hosting open-call events where attendees can have their nameplates photographed and sharing the personal stories behind those nameplates, they hope to create accessibility and thorough documentation of this cultural artifact.

In New York, Documenting the Nameplate has partnered with Knockdown Center, Cafe Erzulie, Playground Coffee Shop, Magic Gallery, New York City Jewelry Week, and photographers Azikiwe Mohammed, Naima Green, Destiny Mata, and Gogy Esparza.

March 2, 2019
Simplecast Lounge
Session Type: Conversation


Marcel Rosa-Salas:

Co-host, Top Rank Podcast

Isabel Flower:

Co-host, Top Rank Podcast