Election 2020: the broadcast breakdown

Just days after Super Tuesday, hear from a roundtable of journalists including Brian Lehrer, Shaun King, Emily Bazelon and Negin Farsad on the role of podcasting in election coverage. Walking into the 2020 election cycle, what are the unique challenges and opportunities of this medium?

Brian Lehrer is the host of The Brian Lehrer Show, hailed by The New York Times as "a master interviewer." Shaun King- activist, journalist, and now host of The Breakdown, a daily podcast that works both to uncover stories of injustice and give listeners the tools to combat it. Emily Bazelon is the co-host of Slate's weekly podcast Political Gabfest, .

Friday Mar 6
Main Hall
Session Type: Conversation


Brian Lehrer:

Host, The Brian Lehrer Show

Shaun King:

Host, The Breakdown

Emily Bazelon:

Co-Host, Slate Political Gabfest

Negin Farsad:

Comedian & Host, Fake the Nation