Expressing the written word through sound

The literary landscape is ripe with stories, but it takes a strong editorial instinct to know what works can translate into audio, and how to do it. Enter Julia Barton and Jacob Smith, both editors at Pushkin Industries who have developed their own approach to expressing the written word through sound.

Julia Barton is an audio producer, editor and consultant, creating stories and shows that make sense for listeners and are sustainable for producers. She is the Editor for Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History and recent clients include Panoply Media, CNN, The Economist, WGBH, APM, Transmitter Media, the Leakey Foundation and more. Jacob Smith is a Senior Producer for Revisionist History.

March 1, 2019
Simplecast Lounge
Session Type: Conversation


Julia Barton:

Executive Editor, Pushkin Industries
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Jacob Smith:

Senior Producer, Pushkin Industries
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