Fariha Roísín and Zain Alam: On Poetry & Music

In this captivating performance titled "Art Mirroring Art," poet Fariha Róisín shares new written works with live musical accompaniment from Zain Alam. On stage, the two artists will respond to each other's work with their own, blending poetry with sonic collage.

Róisín's work exists at the intersections of her identity as a queer, Muslim, South Asian woman interested in spirituality, race and pop culture. She has also pioneered a refreshing and renewed conversation about wellness, contemporary Islam and queer identities. In 2019, Róisín released her first book How To Cure A Ghost, of which poet Rupi Kaur wrote, "Fariha’s writing has the power to heal and transform. She pulls you into her stories until you’re at the edge of your seat, emphatically rooting for her subjects." Her next novel, Like A Bird, is set to come out in September 2020.

Zain Alam is an artist and musician of Indian-Pakistani origin, born in Queens, NYC and raised in Kennesaw, Georgia. He soundtracks a personal vocabulary through his recording project Humeysha, described as “a unique intersection, merging the cinematic formality of Bollywood and geometric repetition of Islamic art.” Field recordings of Pakistani cities; the distinct dialect of an ailing grandmother’s reminisces; quick rhythmic loops of industrial machines — all find their way into Humeysha, regardless of their traditional “musicality.” Shoegazing guitars fit alongside meditation bells, played underneath Urdu poetry as if they always belonged to one another.

Saturday Mar 7
Main Hall
Session Type: Performance


Fariha Róisín:

Multidisciplinary Artist

Zain Alam:

Artist and Musician