Ira Glass: The Audio Vanguard Award

We're thrilled to announce Ira Glass as the recipient of the 2020 On Air Fest Audio Vanguard Award. Ira will be presented with the award, accompanied by a special live taping of Design Matters with Debbie Millman.

Ira is as an innovative force whose radio show, This American Life, pioneered a new form of audio storytelling that sparked the podcasting boom and shaped a new generation of producers, reporters, and artists. The conversation will be followed by a cocktail reception featuring legendary DJ Stretch Armstrong for the finale of On Air Fest 2020.

The On Air Fest Audio Vanguard Award honors a creative icon whose work has advanced the culture of audio. The award recognizes a leader whose contribution to the storytelling medium has inspired a creative legacy.

Sunday Mar 8
Main Hall
Session Type: Live Taping


Ira Glass:

Creator, This American Life

Debbie Millman:

Host and Creator, Design Matters