Machine of Unfamiliars Art Exhibition

The Machine of Unfamiliars is an automated secrets generator—a visual and audio installation featuring the voices of your neighbor, the woman sitting next to you on the bus, that one coworker who seems to have everything figured out, and maybe even you. Designed by Love + Radio’s Nick van der Kolk. Experience the installation in room 704 of Wythe Hotel.

Haunting, ridiculous, sublime and very very real, these secrets will be released into the world as an installation festival goers can visit throughout the weekend. To contribute your own secret, call +1 641 715 3900, extension 55403#. Programming for the Machine by Shani Aviram.

Session Info:

March 1, 2019
Art Suite 704
Session Type: Installation


van der Kolk:

Host & Director, Love + Radio
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