Multiple Selves,
One Story

In this first of it's kind conversation blending and bending between multiple realities, protagonists Afia Kaakyire ("S***hole Country") and Sharon Mashihi ("Appearances") interview one another about the power of pseudonyms to approach new dimensions of emotional honesty, and how their stories have leaked out into the lives of their own creators. Created by anonymous producer Afia Kaakyire, the audio memoir "S***hole Country," about achieving the Ghanaian-American dream, was lauded as one of the best podcasts of 2021 by "TIME," "The Atlantic," and "Vulture." Straddling the line between fiction and truth, "Appearances" is a story about the family you carry around in your ahead, and was released in 2020 by acclaimed artist Sharon Mashihi and Mermaid Palace. Both series were brought to audiences by Radiotopia from PRX.

February 25
Session Type: Conversation

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Afia Kaakyire:

S***hole Country

Sharon Mashihi: