Audio Residency Showcase

This year's On Air Fest Audio Residency was awarded to Anna Woźniewicz and Helena McGill, two spatial audio engineers who will create a composition titled "DreamFREQ" using brain waves of people passing through the liminal zone into sleep as musical notes. Experience their installation Saturday of On Air Fest in the Cinema throughout the day, and a special demo of the technology they used to make this piece from 12:30-1:30.

For the lunchtime demo, join Anna and Helena in the Screening Room to experience MUSE, the wearable brain sensing headband for yourself, and live project your brain wave readings into real-time contributions to their piece. The artists will also be present to demonstrate how they made this boundary-pushing audio project.

Saturday Mar 7
Screening Room
Session Type: Installation


Anna Wozniewicz:

Spatial Audio Engineer

Helena McGill:

Spatial Audio Engineer