On Air Residency Performance: What The...You Mean?

What The...You Mean? is a sound collage and live performance that satirically explores the nature of social norms. Comprised of over 30 recordings of conversations Omari Soulfinger has made over two years, the collage will be shared live onstage. Soulfinger will theatrically tune the radio dial of his surreal boombox, scanning the noisy frequencies of vulnerable confessions, faux-pas, and the paradoxes of privilege, all of which define the piece.

Soulfinger is a Brooklyn-born and raised artist and social worker. He describes What The... You Mean as, "like a warm staticky FM radio scan, looks like an absurdist flea market, and feels like bathroom graffiti in a dive bar for people at the nexus of wanting to belong and wanting to be free."

Session Info:

March 2, 2019
Main Hall
Session Type: Performance


Omari Soulfinger:

Artist-In-Residence, Brooklyn Sound Residency
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