Playground Youth Radio Hour

Playground Youth board members Zenat Begum, Tann Parker and Rifat Begum host a conversation on the importance of creating accessible platforms for QTPOC folks to speak their truth and cultivate a narrative for documenting culture, building archives, and unpacking what it means to be part of grassroots media. Jaylen Strong will lead a breakout dialog on the power of storytelling as radical healing, and Playground will interview Elle Clay, humorist, producer, and host of the SPORTS BRA podcast.

Session Info:

March 2, 2019
Simplecast Lounge
Session Type: Conversation


Zenat Begum:

Founder, Playground Youth
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Tann Parker:

Secretary, Playground Youth
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Rifat Begum:

Treasurer, Playground Youth
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Elle Clay:

Humorist and Producer
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Jaylen Strong:

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