Saving the sounds of brooklyn

The sound of a person’s voice carries with it character, the places they have been, and stories that words alone cannot tell. Sound is an entry-point to emotion, to texture and to memory. That’s why saving sound is vital work, and in a rapidly changing city, even more so.

Enter Zaheer Ali, Taina Evans, and Molly Schwartz, audio archivists whose work is grounded in the sounds and stories of Brooklyn. Listen in as three experts cover both the philosophical and logistical dimensions of preserving audio material. This conversation is made in partnership with Brooklyn Public Library, and moderated by BPL's own Virginia Marshall.

Session Info:

March 2, 2019
Main Hall
Session Type: Conversation


Zaheer Ali:

Co-Producer and Co-Host, Flatbush + Main Podcast
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Molly Schwartz:

Producer, Preserve This Podcast
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Taina Evans:

Program Manager, Our Streets, Our Stories Oral History Project
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Virginia Marshall:

Producer, Borrowed
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