'Soundcheck' Live

Join us for a live rendition of WNYC's 'Soundcheck'. Host John Schaefer will bring to life his signature blend of "genre-blind but open-eared" performance and conversation with musician Theo Bleckmann to talk about their work, their process, and themselves. On stage Bleckmann will be accompanied by Ben Monder on guitar and Dan Tepfer on piano.

John Schaefer has hosted 'Soundcheck' since its beginning in 2002. Covering everything from American folk, to Afrobeats, to jazz guitar, Schaefer has an ear for it all.

Saturday Mar 7
Main Hall
Session Type: Live Taping


John Schaefer:

Host, Soundcheck

Theo Bleckmann:

Singer and Composer

Ben Monder:

Jazz Guitarist

Dan Tepfer:

Pianist and Composer