The Believer: Exploring Words, Music and Art

Enter the world of The Believer Magazine, the iconic alternative arts and culture publication. In this rare presentation, Editor-In-Chief Joshua Wolf Shenk takes the stage with artist Jason Stopa to explore what we listen to and how it informs our art.

Shenk is a lauded author whose book Lincoln's Melancholy was named one of the best books of the year by both The New York Times and The Washington Post. His tendencies toward storytelling transcend the written word- his story "You Can Come Back" can be heard on the Moth Radio Hour.

Painter Jason Stopa's large-scale and technicolor takeover of Wythe Hotel's lobby will be unveiled the weekend of On Air Fest.

Saturday Mar 7
Main Hall
Session Type: Conversation


Jason Stopa:


Joshua Wolf Shenk:

Editor-In-Chief, The Believer Magazine