Podcast Preview

As we dip our toes in this next decade, hear from futurists, fiction writers, ambient sound artists and activists on how they envision the next decade of audio-on-demand evolving.

Flash Forward creator Rose Eveleth kicks off the session presented by Simplecast, with with a choose-your-own-adventure audio performance. Contributors include Jeffrey Cranor (Welcome to Night Vale), Rund Abdelfatah (Throughline), Jess Shane (Constellations), and Max Freedman (School Colors).

Friday Mar 6
Main Hall
Session Type: Conversation


Rose Eveleth:

Creator and Host, Flash Forward

Jess Shane:

Co-Founder, Constellations

Rund Abdelfatah:

Host, NPR's Throughline

Jeffrey Cranor:

Co-Creator, Welcome to Night Vale

Max Freedman:

Co-creator, School Colors

Caitlin Van Horn:

Marketing Manager, Simplecast