Adobe’s Wireframe Live with Khoi Vinh

From Alexa and Google Home, to the podcast boom and immersive art exhibits, "smart audio" is becoming ubiquitous. That also means sound and voice are becoming a new kind of raw material for experience design. Join Wireframe host Khoi Vinh as he explores what it means to apply the primarily visual rules of UX/UI design to the world of audio and voice.

Wireframe presents deeply researched storytelling and elevates the discussion around design and shows how design is relevant to the world at large. In this live taping, hear Khoi and Gimlet Creative share a brand-new episode of the show, prepared exclusively for On Air Fest.

Session Info:

March 3, 2019
- Simplecast Lounge
Session Type: Live Taping


Khoi Vinh:

Senior Principal Designer, Adobe Inc.
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